Enterprise values:

1 Partnership: partnerships between employees and enterprises

2 Integrity and hope: Integrity to do business and make employees to live in the hope

3 Reward and achievement: through their own efforts to achieve wealth growth, realize the value of life

4 Freedom enterprise: enterprises build a business platform so that employees have the opportunity to start their own business

Spirit of enterprise (bamboo spirit):

1. Bamboo growth steadily breakthrough, we must learn this spirit and constantly breakthrough ourselves

2. Bamboo is hollow, we should be open-minded and continue to learn from others

3. bamboos are cluster, we need the staff of team spirit, cooperation achieves the great cause.

The philosophy of life:

"being stupid, work smart"

Philosophy of success:

1 Success is not how many people you win, but how many people you help

2 Attitude is more important than ability, not to change the attitude after success, but change the attitude to achieve the success

3 Diligence is the foundation of success, not to be able to succeed so I just try, but go all out to succeed.

The principle of Coexistence:

Appreciate strengths of others

Accommodate weaknesses of others

Think of benefits of others

Assume the difficulties of others

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